Donald-trump Evoluent Right Handed Vertical Mouse 3 Ergonomic Mouse:Donald-trump
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Evoluent Right Handed Vertical Mouse 3 Ergonomic Mouse:Donald-trump

Evoluent Published in October 20, 2018, 5:12 am
 Evoluent Right Handed Vertical Mouse 3 Ergonomic Mouse:Donald-trump

Evoluent Right Handed Vertical Mouse 3 Ergonomic Mouse:Donald-trump

Price:£78.25+ Free shipping with Gamesbonusstar Prime

ethics_gradient Reply to on 11 July 2015
Delivery/condition 100%

Initially very happy with product, however developed concerns:

1) Durability: product has reputation as not being very durable. Others have taken apart the device and found it to be lacking in certain areas (e.g. cable integration). I am not interested in a £60 product which needs replacing every few years.

2) Ergonomics: seemed to work well at relieving traditional mouse stress. However I had suspicions that stress would be transferred to the bottom of the hand instead, which is not a solution long-term.

3) Lack of pointer accuracy: product is extremely difficult to use in a gaming environment.

Overall the mouse feels very expensive for what it is. Doesn't seem like a reliable way to solve the problem of mouse-related strain unless all you do is browse the web. If it was half the price I'd consider it more carefully.

I returned the product and bought a £20 trackball instead for use alongside my gaming mouse, and I'm much happier.
Darren Lewis
Darren Lewis Reply to on 12 July 2012
For the price I was very disappointed with the build quality of the mouse when first used, it has the same sort of cheap plastic feel as the sub £10 "bargain" conventional mice available. However, after getting used to it I was very pleased with the results achieved in helping solve the pain I was experiencing in my hand from a conventional mouse.

Unfortunately as the title suggests having been pleased with the device and used it daily for 2 months it has now stopped working! Windows reports a problem with the USB device when connecting and it simply refuses to work. It would seem that my initial impressions on the build quality were correct. From reading the other reviews it would also seem that I've got no chance of a refund on this but I'll be trying anyway.

Microsoft or Logitech - Please jump on board with this design and get something to market of comparable quality to the MX series et al. I'll be all over one of those at twice the price!

TLDR; Great design and a joy to use when it worked, which wasn't for very long! - avoid.
DangerPaws Reply to on 3 November 2012
I've had a v3 for quite a few years now for at work and decided that I wanted one for home too so I decided to buy a second.
Now the first one I have to say is working perfectly despite the fact that the little slider pads underneath have completely worn off due to wear (I use it over 8 hours a day). But it works fine and I can't live without it!

The second one I bought 11 months ago but it went weird on me about 4 months later, Amazon kindly replaced it with a new one which has been working fine up until now. Seven months after receiving my replacement, the mouse is starting to show exactly the same symptoms which are: mouse randomly freezes for anything from half a second to 5 seconds or forgets that you were holding down a mouse button while dragging and dropping so you end up dropping in the wrong place. After a few more sever freezes it will lockup and the only way to get it to work again is unplug it and plug it back in, if that doesn't work a restart is required.

My findings so far:
- it's nothing to do with drivers because I have taken my one from work (the good old one) and tried it at home and it works fine, I then tried my home one (the new one) at work and it judders and and freezes.
- on the off chance that it might help, I tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them but I noticed no improvement at all.
Both computers are running windows7 pro 64bit.

I'd love to recommend these mice as they are very close to being vertical unlike some that I have seen but the build quality in my opinion isn't great and I am loosing faith in them. But at the same time I love my old one!
I have asked for a replacement again and hopefully this one will last longer...
Clever Spud
Clever Spud Reply to on 29 May 2009
I've been using one of these for a while now and I'd like to echo all the reviews that point out how excellent and effective it is at reducing the pain, tingling and numbness associated with RSI/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I always had one gripe though, the buttons used for navigating backwards and forwards through, eg, web pages, are counter-intuitive by default. You can swap the functions using the Evoluent software, so that the thumb button is mapped to back and the pinky button mapped to forward.

However there are no drivers for 64bit Vista or Windows 7. If you check the Evoluent site you'll see they recommend a program called "X-Mouse Button Control" and I'm currently using it with great results on the W7 Release Candidate. Oh and it's free and really lightweight.
Spen King
Spen King Reply to on 2 July 2009
I began looking into ergonomic mice after developing severe pains in my hand and wrist. I spend many hours a day at the desk as a CAD user and I had to find a way to ease the discomfort. After looking at a number of reviews I decided to give this one a try.

At first a struggled to get used to the different orientation and button layout and in the first couple of days I wondered if I had wasted the company's money. It's a very expensive device compared to a normal mouse (and I had to convince my boss this was a worthwhile purchase).

Well, by the end of the week I had got the hang of this new mouse. Now I would not be without it. Combined with taking regular short breaks and wrist/arm exercises I now find I can manage much longer days before the discomfort becomes a problem.

As a SolidWorks user I found the supplied drivers caused some of the Solidworks mouse button functions to be lost, which drove me mad until I tried the standard Windows mouse drivers. Now everything works as it should. I have had the same problem in the past with Logitech mouse drivers too, so I shan't knock any points off for this.

I have found the optical tracking to be accurate on most surfaces, so full marks here too.

I have not tried any other ergo mice so I cannot make comparisons. All I can say is that this one has made a huge difference for me.
H. Roberts
H. Roberts Reply to on 16 September 2016
I bought this because I thought the pain in my wrist was due to RSI, after starting a new job involving lots of data input. However, I found it quite tricky to use - harder to position the cursor where I wanted it - and, more importantly, more uncomfortable then the original, flat mouse. Maybe that's because the pain was down to something else (which I discovered when it appeared in the other wrist as well), but I've now stopped using it and gone back to my old mouse. I'm sure, with practise, the different wrist action would become easier, and maybe, for RSI, it would help, but it hasn't done the trick for me. (My problem, in case you've got it too, is De Quervains).
Otilia Otlacan
Otilia Otlacan Reply to on 26 November 2012
I would've given this mouse 10 stars for how comfortable it is on my poor wrist, however, be aware that it has a major downside: there are no solutions to fully customize its 5 buttons (as there should be!) if you're running Windows 7 64 bit. I haven't tried any other OS.

To start with, the mouse comes with an installation CD that, in year 2012, only works for XP and Vista (32 bit). I had to search online for some newer drivers and found that the manufacturer suggests an external software (see [...] where it is suggested to use [...]for more drivers). I then installed this XMouse Button Control software only to find that I cannot, in fact, change the defaults of the 5 mouse buttons. The issue is discussed here [...]

To conclude, I ended up with an expensive mouse that even though it is indeed comfortable (the primary reason why I bought it, so I am eventually keeping it) it can only be used with his basic, default configuration.

I'm pretty, pretty bummed to say the least!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 September 2017
This mouse is really bad. It ended up hurting my wrist. I would not recommend this to anyone who uses CAD software, gaming or needs to use for precise movements. I resulted going back to my old mouse which was so much better.
Mr Gee
Mr Gee Reply to on 17 March 2013
This saved my job and massively reduced my RSI. I was going to have to give up my job as I suffered badly from (mouse caused) RSI. I was recommended this by my physiotherapist and it started working withing a week. Because huge strain is put on your ligaments using a normal mouse by twisting them 90 degrees, this allows your hand and wrist to sit in a more normal position. The strain is lessened and eventually your RSI might give you less pain. I still get RSI when drilling or playing tennis, but this vertical mouse is not a cure for RSI, it's just loads better than a normal mouse. It does take a few days to get used to this mouse position.
Patricia Reply to on 7 February 2012
I bought one of these mice 2 years ago and have found it invaluable for making it easier and more comfortable to use my laptop and pc.
A regular horizontal mouse gives me dreadful pain in my wrist as I suffer from arthritis and so I had previously bought another ergonomic mouse which helped a lot but was not quite so vertical as this one. I am so happy that I decided to try the Evoluent mouse as it has improved my computer use tremendously. Well worth the price I have to say and the after care is great too. Evoluent staff are extremely helpful.
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