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Veronica Mars:Donald-trump

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell Published in October 20, 2018, 4:16 am
 Veronica Mars:Donald-trump

Veronica Mars:Donald-trump


Virgoletta Reply to on 22 April 2014
Being intrigued by the obsessive fandom of VM, I spent the best part of the last few weeks bingeing on the three series in preparation for the film. I loved the series, the drama and the noir. I am a fan.
With this in mind and with the trailer, my expectations were high and for the most part fulfilled in the mystery part of the story. The noir was good.
However, considering the epic love story, crossing continents and time, with bloodshed and lives ruined, the reunion with Logan felt flat. Largely due to Jason Dohring not getting enough time on screen. Logan is always at his best with quips and acid remarks and even though 10 years might have passed in Neptune, I can't believe that he'd turn into such a goody two shoes guy with not a single funny/inappropriate thing to say for himself. Not too enamoured with his uniform either as it makes him look dorky.
Finally, given the relatively short running time, with an extra 10/15 minutes, we could have had a bit more on the key relationships including Logan, Wallace and Mac. I want to know what these people've been doing all this time. And Piz as well. Just a few more minutes would have given so much depth. It's not a TV show people, you need to get the emotional development into a single story.
The highlight was Ryan Hansen as Dick, true to his douche roots.

All in all, not bad, but left me leaving flat.
C.Elder Reply to on 10 September 2014
A worthy film with the characters we knew so well from the TV series. The story takes place some 10 years later, and it was interesting and surprising to see what had become of them as they grew up. As the VM series ended somewhat abruptly through no fault of his own, the creator Rob Thomas realised that the fans wanted closure/more. After many years, money was raised-much coming from the fans! to make this film, and it is very enjoyable and true to its roots. The snappy dialogue that made the series so good ( too good for much of the brain dead US network TV audience apparently) is still there, as is the veneer of "normalcy" that covers a very nastily corrupt California community. The movie does pick up on many of the characters from the series, and the dialogue is tremendous as usual, with many throwbacks to the series worked into this feature film. Most importantly to many fans, the movie shows what happened to bad boy Logan-he of the snarky comments;quick fists;pervading loneliness; and deep love of Veronica. Here he is all grown up, and the film shows him as a more serious,poised,mature character albeit with his wit and feelings for V still very much alive. And Veronica who loved him, but couldn't trust him in the TV series is confronted with feelings that have been dormant for some time since she left Neptune.In the movie he is accused of a murder he did not commit, and V is back in Neptune, ostensibly only for a short time to help him pick a defense lawyer. If you want to see what happens to their "epic love" as Logan called it in the TV series, get the DVD- all the questions are answered in a way that will satisfy many fans.Although there could be one, I don't think there is another VM film to come, as the major studios do not seem interested, but this one certainly gives the fans a satisfying film to watch.
Spyro Reply to on 1 May 2016
This film was available on Prime so I decided to give it a go. I haven't seen the series - didn't even know it existed until seeing reviews of the film just now - so I had no preconceptions of the characters or the situation. As a standalone, this film suffers a little - I actually felt it was the pilot to a series, not the reprise of one! Old style crime, complete with narration. It felt old-fashioned, yet aimed at the contemporary teen market. The story was interesting enough but it felt flat, perhaps because I was expected to have seen the series and be filling in the gaps with prior knowledge. I liked it enough to want to watch the series, but on its own merits, it provided a pleasant hour or two but didn't wow me.
Ian Williams
Ian Williams Reply to on 3 August 2014
As the accompanying documentary rams home with the subtly of a steamroller, this film couldn't have made been without the enthusiasm and donations of and by fans of the TV series. Unfortunately, looking at the poor box office results they were the only ones who went to see it. I didn't even know the DVD had been released in the UK and I'm pretty sure the film was never released in the cinemas. I never even came across it in my Amazon recommendations. So it all looks very unlikely that we'll ever see another new Veronica Mars movie or TV series.

Pity because the film itself is quite enjoyable. However, I think that by returning our heroine to her roots they played it too safe. It might have been better if they'd let her move on in her life with maybe just a couple of guest stars, even just cameos, from the tv show.

Oh well. If you're a fan, you'll love it and probably even have it already. If not you'll wonder what the fuss is. Tip: buy the box sets and find out because they're great.
martin vegas
martin vegas Reply to on 19 September 2017
I only payed £2 for this with free delivery from amazon, i used to watch the tv show. After watching this it's made me want to get the boxset of the series from Amazon(which is a good thing i suppose) i thought the tv show was done a lot better than the movie, to me it just seemed like it was done in the spare of the moment without the on screen chemistry that the actors had in the tv series!
maidonorth Reply to on 1 May 2017
I watched the whole series of "Veronica Mars" and enjoyed it. The characters were interesting and complex. The movie is different as the protagonists are older, but the character traits still exist though tempered. I enjoyed the film as it gave a more optimistic outlook (apart from Weevil). The actors are excellent. Not sure if it would be as enjoyable if you had not followed the series.
CrystalA Reply to on 29 July 2014
I truly loved the series and was sad when it finished. When I heard there was a film I had to watch it and it felt as though no time had passed since I saw the last episode. The danger with series doing films is that they can loose sight of what made each episode great. Luckily this isn't the case with Veronica Mars. I don't like to write spoilers so I will be brief. It's nice to see her return to Neptune and everything that comes with that. If your a Logan fan like myself you'll be happy with how things pan out. There's a little more danger in this film as opposed to the series. I would have given 5 stars but I felt it may have dragged in certain places. But then again this could be because I'm used to the 45 minute episodes. If you're a fan you can't miss this.
Fermat Reply to on 23 May 2014
The one hour special feature, about how the film came to be made, is better than the film, which has a fairly straightforward plot with no major twists and turns.

I'm awarding 5 stars, because it is absolutely amazing that the film came to be made, with incredible financial support from fans.

It was good to see most of the original cast reprise their roles. Kristen Bell (Veronica) has barely changed, despite giving birth shortly before filming commenced. Some of the others show varying degrees of wear and tear.

There are in-jokes for the fans and flashes of VM at its best, but sadly, only a few.

Marshmallows will love this. Others may wonder what all the fuss is about.
lovebooks Reply to on 17 March 2014
Veronica Mars is still a wise-cracking as ever. I was disappointed that they didn't continue with the FBI storyline, but the film is really well done with lots of funny moments and smart comments. The storyline is really good and totally hooks you in and follows on nicely from where the series left off.

I would recommend rewatching the series before watching the film, as there were lots of characters I didn't recognise/remember and some parts of the backstory I had forgotten as well.

Overall, a really good film and continues the story of Veronica Mars nicely and keeps true to the characters created in the series.
C. Copies
C. Copies Reply to on 22 March 2014
Firstly, welcome back to Rob Thomas (creator) and the cast of VM. For the uninitiated out there Veronica Mars is one of the hidden gems of TV (caustic pop-culture references, multi-strand mysteries, exemplary acting and an overall self-awareness that is sadly lacking in recent TV) and if you haven't seen it buy the box sets now!!!
The movie has been well-publicised over the net thanks to its Kickstarter campaign and Warners decision to stream at the same time as releasing in cinemas...but this film stands up (media fuelled curiosity aside this film) on its own.
If you loved the series then I believe this is a done deal. If you are a Marshmellow virgin then there is still plenty to recommend this film.
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